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 Sarah Schaffer, LMSW 


Sarah works in the CDA area with different approaches in therapy to help clients where they are to provide unique healing opportunities. She believes it is an honor and a privilege to come alongside you and your recovery, and wants each of her clients to feel safe and heard as they work through their unique situations. She is client- centered in therapeutic approaches, and works from a strength and identity perspective. She believes that when the client has an understanding of who they are, each person can live life with more fullness. Sarah works with skill-based methods for treatment of trauma, anxiety, depression, couples counseling, bi-polar or other mood disorders, and managing stress.


Healing can include self-discovery of who you are and the strength that is inside you. Sarah provides a safe space to confront barriers, and to help each client create a life they can be proud of. Sarah believes it is her role to allow people to have a safe place to talk and discuss healing, wholeness, and to learn coping skills. While achieving her master’s education and in the work she has done with others, Sarah has learned a belief in the impact of strengths-based therapy and trauma-informed counseling to show each client their own strength and ability to improve their life. My goal as a counselor is to help clients find their unique strengths and freedom to be who they are created to be.

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